Saturday, 24 September 2011

Health Tips for Travellers to Africa

1.       Don’t drink and drive, always wear a seatbelt and don’t go in a matatu get a private hire taxi
2.       Use your common sense and travel at reasonable hours not very late in the night to avoid robberies
3.       If you get diarrhoea drink a lot and treat it with Norfloxacin
4.       If you get a cold go to bed
5.       Malaria is one of the most common tropical diseases. It takes a minimum of seven-nine days for the fist symptoms of malaria to show after an infected bite. So take prophylaxis. These drugs are much cheaper here than in your home country and they can be acquired from most pharmacies
6.       Another tropical disease is Bilharzia which can only be got from swimming, paddling, bathing in fresh water lakes or rivers and can not be got from tap water. With the best white water rafting in the world one can go rafting but take Artenam to avoid worrying about Bilharzia.
7.       What about HIV/AIDS? The infection rate is down but there are plenty of young, educared, mobile, non monogamous, non celibate men and women out there who are HIGH RISK and interested in you. The sensible, responsible, HIV negative majority are negative because they are not into high risk lifestyle and so are not interested in you. If you cant keep your pants on, and if you are desperate, get tested it only takes two minutes or else get post exposure prophylaxis it reduces the risk to almost nil.  

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