Saturday, 17 March 2012


Africa has tourism as its main source of foreign exchange although it also true that the women have not been so much involved in the tourism industry management and development and yet if given an opportunity to take part in influential role in the tourism industry, they would do well.
In Tanzania, Mrs. Adventina Matungwa who is the Managing Director for Walkgard Hotels and Tours located in the Bukoba said that involving the women in the tourism work will enable them to improve on their welfare and economic status and it is therefore women empowerment is very necessary.  Kagera has got just two registered tour companies which include the Walkgard Hotels and Tours and Kiroyera Tours and Safaris, among which the latter is managed by a lady who is non other than, Ms Mary Kalikawe.
For the same reason Mrs. Matungwa mentioned that the women should get the necessary training needed if they are to help in the improvement of the tourism industry in the different parts of the nation, it is also good for the ladies to be apart of  the tourism business which is profitable business and  it will also be an opportunity for them to get more jobs and more income to cater for their families at the same time especially  during this time when  so many of them are going single so said the Managing Director.

she added that after her and her husband had invest some cash in this hotel of theirs, the beginning was not an easy one but then they had to work very hard and with perseverance, they have managed to get where they are right now and the moment are getting much more customers than before that she can hardly handle the different activities in the business by her and she refers to herself as an example for all the rest of the women in the country who should try and copy from her.  She also has plans of purchasing a luxury speed boat that can carry about 12 tourists and will be used to transfer tourists to different parts on Lake Victoria.

There are about five game reserves in Kagera with about 5,526 square kilometers and they include Biharamulo (1,300), Burigi (2,200), Kimisi (1,026), Rumanyika (800) and Ibanda (200). there are lots of  different types of wildlife in the  game reserves like the elephants, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, hippopotamus and antelopes and many more others. There are also lots of birds and butterflies species in the game reserves and many of them are not seen any where else in the world.

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  1. Yes it also true that the women have not been so much involved in the tourism industry management.Women must be involve in that.

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