Thursday, 19 April 2012

Climate change impacts on wildlife in Uganda.

The Uganda Wildlife managers together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority refute the reports claiming that all the problems that the Uganda national parks and game reserves are currently experiencing are as a result of poor management thus the reason for the decline in the number of wild animals fro example the ostriches, lions and zebras in Uganda.

However, the responsible people from their offices I Kampala mentioned that the decline in the wildlife is as a result of the change in the climate which is affecting the procreation grounds and therefore making it un conducive for reproduction but also, there is a problem of human encroachment leaving the animals without enough space for their survival thus the decline in their numbers
The executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) said while addressing the press that although his office respects the report produced the Auditor General about the money audit in 2011, it is still true that the report produced about the real conditions of wildlife populations in Uganda’s national parks was not exact. It is also true that in some areas, this decline in the animals is as result of both the anthropogenic and environmental factors.  

This is the reason why the blame should be put on only The management system given the fact that climate changes have affect so many other countries around the world as well as the human population increase which they some how have got no control over and yet they destroy the homes for the wild animals as they seek for land for settlement and cultivation. Despite all this, the management together with Universities in Uganda and others outside are working with the Wildlife Conservation Society to do research into the population dynamics of the Uganda Kob in Queen Elizabeth National Park. They will be producing a report about it at the right time.

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