Friday, 4 May 2012

Kenyan Poachers Killed While Poaching

Information got from the source in Kenya from the Kenya Wildlife Service indicate that there were 5 poachers killed by the Kenyan rangers from the Rift Valley areas in the early hours of the Saturday after they exchanged gunshots with the officials from the Kenyan wildlife service who caught the poaching. The rangers were able to confiscate elephant tusks and other weapons that the poachers had in possession. This illegal hunting in Kenya has considerably reduced since the 1980s and 1990s a time when poacher almost wiped out all Kenya’s elephants and rhinos but it is so fortunate that there has been a significant increase in their number s in the past few years.

The KWS have now exhibited their tactical improvement in the skills that they employ to get rid of all the poachers in all national parks and game reserves from all over the country who have become a big problem to the conservationists and in the due course; they have killed six poachers this year who were caught hunting killing elephants, buffaloes and rhinos. Unfortunately, there are 2 rangers who were hurt in the 1 a.m. scandal as mentioned by the KWS in a statement on the incident with the poachers in northwest Kenya. The elephant tusks caught weighed 50 kg along with 3 AK-47 rifles and 15 rounds of ammunition.

Most of the Ivory that is got from African elephants is taken to Asia where they use it to make beautiful  ornaments, while  rhino horn are taken to the medicine men which they use as traditional medicine and is believed to cure cancer  something that the scientists believe is just a myth.  According to KWS, the poachers have sort far happen to kill about 100 elephants every year in Kenya and every year, they tend to improve on their method that they use to hunt.

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