Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Reckless Drivers Become a Serious Threat to the Wildlife in Kenya

It is so horrifying for more so a tourist to come across dead wild animals especially when it has been killed from its territory by a speeding car yet this is becoming a big problem that has got to be solved by the Kenya Wildlife services immediately. There are so many animals that have been killed in the due course including the recently killed pregnant suni.

It is so absurd that actually people often run over these but never even consider slowing down so they can spare wildlife and yet are great contributors to the country’s revenue just like in all the other East African countries. It is likely that people who commute through the park and those returning from work are responsible for these accidents but the KWS staff, contractors, tour operators and day tourists in private vehicles are not excluded. There is an alarming trend coming because there is another female bush buck that was reported killed not so long ago and yet numerous shrub hares have been killed. It is probably also because of the increased growth of city more people enter the park and speeding has definitely increased dramatically. 

Meanwhile, KWS has issued various warning letters in an attempt to control speed. But then such letters can’t really be useful with some people so they will continue to drive as fast as they want and kill more animals. If this is not addressed, a large animal like a Black rhino, buffalo or giraffe will soon be knocked down, this is why KWS should now take drastic action to control speeding (above 40km/hr) in the park and also increase the number of rangers and traffic patrols, speed bumps  among others which will  hopefully help in solving the problem.

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