Thursday, 1 November 2012

Female Tourism Participate Visit the Karura Forest

The Kenya Association of Women in Tourism held the 2012′s Women in Tourism International Alliance conference in Nairobi this very week. The meeting was aimed at providing an opportunity to all the women with the chance to display all their products that they have got to offer to the travelers. This women initiative has helped women to improve on their standards of living through generation of person income to be able to cater for their needs with out depending on any one more so their husbands; in this case they are capable of providing for their families.
Among the different sessions they had during the meeting was about tree planting at Karura forest which is a way of appreciating the work that was done by the late Prof Wangari Maathai regarding all matters to do with environmental conservation.
Kahindi Lekalhaile who is the CEO of Ecotourism Kenya asked all the people in the region to help the authority in conserving the environment and so in honor of Maathai, they should be able to plant  by planting as many trees as everyone can. These will be very vital in improving the weather especially now that the weather is becoming more hostile for the survival of the tourism sector and the agricultural sector which are the two most productive sectors therefore contributing heavily to the growth of the country through high contribution to the GPD therefore need to be protected.

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