Saturday, 23 June 2012

6 Lions killed outside Nairobi national park.

Reports were got yesterday about the 6 lions that were killed outside Nairobi National Park and this incident has sparked off serious human wildlife conflict to the forefront again and also revived the conflict between the conservation group in Kenya and the Kenya Wildlife Service which is blamed for the incident as they have done nothing to protect these animals from being killed by the illegal hunters. They things seem, it’s like KWS seems is not will and frightened to utilize the law to capture the law offender and then bring them to justice.
They always to pretend to be the masters in smaller cases like when they are taking the cheetahs from the Mara to Nairobi something that does not require a lot of funds but when asked to sort out a serious matter, they always chicken out. They have always known that these lions were out there on free range system and have always been asked d to get them back into the park but then paid a deaf ear and right now, it is so unfortunate that they are reacting so fast to picking up the carcasses.  According to this source, apparently there are also other elephants that have been killed by the poachers in Mt. Kenya as well and yet they could have been protected from them as there are allegations that  KWS was told about these elephants early enough by the local people but they did not react.  He said that he thinks that there is some luck of responsibility among the leaders of KWS.

The source confirmed that he had to be arrested by Dr. Julius Kipngetic for challenging him in public as after getting to write an angry conservation from Nairobi with the help of a source that I would prefer not to mention to protect him from going through a similar problem that the CEO of Eco-Tourism Kenya suffered some weeks ago. There were four carcasses of the  poached elephants without tusks found not so long ago near the Ndumanu / Mathira East location by local people  which has is a great loss as it has led to a great decrease on the elephant population. It is shocking that KWS was not able to protect these animals when just a few weeks ago they bragged a bout having established a task force which would be able to deal with such incidents but what have they done? When will they start working?

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