Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An Elephant Dies at UWEC

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) official, a conservation area which is situated in Entebbe are currently disturbed by the death of the three months elephant which they had just rescued not so long ago from Kanala-Ntoroko Village in Semuliki National Game Park in Bundibugyo District and was being rehabilitated. This elephant died over the weekend and according to the Conservationists at UWEC who were so sad about its death, said that the results from the investigation done showed that this elephant had died of pneumonia.
However, some off the UWEC official are not content with the results and therefore decided to take the dead elephant to Makerere University college of veterinary medicine to do a Postmortem so that they can establish the real cause of its death. At the moment, they are still awaiting for the results from the Postmortem so that they can compare it with their first report from the UWEC veterinary doctors.
She also added that as they wait for the report to be brought in, they are making arrangements for the burial of this elephant which will be at the beginning of this week. This elephant was called Keith Semuliki and at the time of its rescue, it had a deep cut close to its right eye and suspects that its mother had been killed by poachers and it managed to escape and wondered in the close communities.
Mr. Semuliki who is the owner of Semuliki Safari Lodge was the one who found the elephant while he was taking his guests around the park, took it to his lodge and set up a temporary house within his garage, covered with dry grass and nursed the baby’s wounds before calling UWA and UWEC officials. The elephant was about 90 kilograms and it seemed playful and jolly. UWEC officials said the death of this elephant was so unfortunate especially because it would be good company to Charles Hamukungu another elephant that was rescued and also lives in the education centre.

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