Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A New Traditional Home Meru

There is a newly established traditional home which represents the long lost cultures, traditions and ways of behavior of the Tanzanian people especially the Meru people in one of the rural areas situated on the slopes of Mt Meru which is Tanzania’s second highest mountain and it is about 4,565m. this is situated just  25 minutes away  from Arusha town via the Usa River, and it is also an administrative town of Arumeru District along the Momela road very close to the Arusha National Park and here  you will find Arusha’s famous tourist attraction  ee-yeiyo Boma.
The ee-yeiyo Boma is situated almost at the entrance gate of Arusha national park and there are some lodges and camp sites, the boma is enclosed by wilderness overlooking both Mount Meru on one side and the Usa River on the other which gives the real picture of the countryside. Before you reach the Boma entrance gate you will have to go through the bushes lined on both sides but once there, you will enjoy the scenery, breath some fresh air, enjoy the amazing, the sounds of the river close by and all this helps you feel free from the stress of the city.
You will see those beautiful huts as soon as you are within the compound; they are covered with dry banana leaves, which appeals in its exclusive khaki colours, and which visible all through. It is owned by Mrs. Nkasiyoi Pallangyo, a kind lady and receptive to her guests, there is also a unique three legged stool and once there she may offer a cup of tea in horn shaped cups and the loshoro in a wooden bowls. She takes will also take you for a tour of ee-yeiyo Museum and in there are unique artifacts which are beyond 100 years old and when she tells the Wa-Meru history, you get the nice feeling of getting back to the 19th century. This is one worthwhile place to visit while in Tanzania especially for those who are interested in African Culture.

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