Friday, 27 January 2012


A tourist from Canada has urged the Tanzanians to try and climb Mount Kilimanjaro so that they can clearly see, enjoy and value the magnificence this mountain with Africa’s highest peakgranted to the country by. Raymond Walker a 79 year old tourist said so just not so long ago after he managed to climb the mountain up to its highest Uhuru peak and has therefore become the very  first aged  person to  reach at that point on the mountain’s uppermost peak.

He added that he was so happy and so proud of himself being the very first elderly climber to reach this point which is considered as one of the international treasures. He said the worked so had to get there because he wanted to see how it looked like up there. He also appreciated the local tour operators for all their help and for believing in him from the very day he begun his journey.

He was quoted to have said “I recommend Tanzanians to go ahead and climb that mountain while they are still young and energetic because it will give them a lot of pleasure just like it gave him especially since he is already an old man.

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