Thursday, 12 January 2012


The Government of Uganda is certain that it will be it is better have all that national parks in the country fenced to control and avoid any more human-wildlife conflicts like the ones that are currently going on in Murchison falls national park. This is therefore why the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is determined to start on this long-term project of fence off all national parks in the country as a way of controlling the problem that is existing between the human-wildlife clashes.

This project is intended to defend local villages that are close to national parks that are constant under the risk of being attacked by these animals after they run away from the parks and they destroy their food crops and some time evade their homes and scare them out but it is also intended to protect these animals from being poached to get their tasks for sale as well as being killed by angry people after they eat all the crops, they may decide to kill some of them out of anger for revenge.

Mr. Ephraim Kamuntu who is Uganda’s Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage talk about the plan during the opening of the latest driving track from the Te Bito to the Top of the falls located on the northern banks of the Murchison Falls National Park. He is quotated to have said that “the easiest way to get rid of this human-wildlife clash  trenches  have been dug which are deep enough for the animals to jump  to stop them from entering into people’s  gardens to damage their crops and threaten their  lives as well as. But later, all major national parks will be fenced when the required funds have been got and the work will begin from Murchison Park where this problem is so severe and local people are complaining all the time about the animal attacks.”

The idea of fencing off national parks in the region started from Kenya after the Aberdare National Park was fenced off by a private enterprise supported by Rhino Ark. Kenya Wildlife Services followed the trend and fenced  off Mt Kenya National Park in 2011 a project they  spend on $12m  .


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