Friday, 6 January 2012

Travel to Africa and Join ANC to Celebrate 100 Years

Travel to Africa as The African National Congress (ANC) turns 100 this weekend. You will learn about the political history of Africa, the apertheid experience in South Africa. Mean while massive centennial Celebrations are planned. The festivities will be held in Bloemfontein, where the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) was founded on January 8, 1912. In 1923, the party was renamed the African National Congress.

The city is the perfect place to celebrate the history of politics in South Africa, said Louwna Erasmus, editor of the local newspaper the Bloemfontein Courant, to South Africa's The Star newspaper.

“The ANC started here, and so did the National Party. So Bloemfontein is an important part of the history of South Africa,”


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