Thursday, 12 January 2012


There has been a huge impact on the tourism industry resulting from the on going economic crisis around the world which has led to a decline in the number of foreign tourists who are coming into the country for the holiday by 15% compared to the records of booking s for the previous year.  This crisis has tremendously affected so many of Kenyan’s potential markets like Italy but the led to an increase in the number of domestic tourists  increased more than 20% and reached 100% when compared to previous year  where majority of the local hotels were fully  booked by the local residents from  Nairobi, Mombasa and many other parts of upcountry.

According to the reports from the tourism fraternity, it is showed clearly that the number of arrivals from foreign countries was about 85% reducing from 100% as it has always been since 10 December.  An Italian Consulate based in Malindi Roberto Marci said while addressing the Star that the prevailing condition was too bad in the past when the arrivals were between 60% and 65% and only got better 10 days back.

Macri said on phone while at a resort town that the tourism industry is at medium level since the number of visitors had suddenly dropped considering the records from the previous year they had 100% of the hotels fully booked at around the same period of time. He added that the international market operating at medium levels of 85 per cent yet used to be at 100 per cent and had just improved a few days like 10 days from the 60 % which was too low for the sector.

The Consulate said that there is only one person from Italy who has visited the resort town and that is non other than the famous Billionaire Flavio Briatore as well as H.E. Madame P. Imperiale the ambassador to Italy. Kenya managed to get a sum of Sh73.6 billion shillings from the tourism industry in 2010 which is Sh26.4 billion below the Sh100 billion target income forecast by players.  The tourists coming in by air and sea is 1.1 million this year 2011 leading to a positive change of 15.1 % from 952, 481 visitors of 2009 though was still below their target of 1.2 million visitors they had expected.



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