Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lions from Queen Elizabeth on the Loose

Three lions which are said to have escaped from Ishasha Sector of the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kanungu are reportedly terrorising residents of Kihiihi.

Kihiihi LC3 on Thursday said the lions attacked the home of Bawuda Ednansi who lives close to the park and killed five of his goats on Tuesday night. He said fortunately no one was hurt during the raid. The residents made alarm after the attack forcing the lions to retreat before attacking again the following day. He said this time they were driven away by park rangers deployed after the local authorities complained to Uganda Wildlife Authority over the lions.

"We are living in total fear and we don't know if the lions will go on forever like this. Our plea that they allow us hunt them down has been denied," a resident said.  The Lions roam the whole village of Ishasha during the day and although the UWA officials are aware of their hide out and they have failed to drive them away. When contacted the Warden in charge of Ishasha Sector Echodu Edryau said the lions have been elusive and asked locals to be patient.

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