Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Trail Set to Ease Climbing on the Rwenzori

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) with its other partners has built a new trail on the Rwenzori Mountains to complement the existing two for visitors to experience the destination in shorter 1-3 day walks than before when it was 6-12 day treks.

Rwenzori Mountain has the third highest peak in Africa and lies in the western part of Uganda along the Uganda- Democratic Republic of Congo border. The new Mahoma nature trail is 28kms long ending at the Nyakalengijo gate of the national park. It traverses the lower slopes of the mountain to join the existing central circuit trail that connects to the main gate of the park.

UWA hopes to increase the number of tourism activities at the park and therefore attract a broader market in the region. "The trail was developed to diversify the options available to the visitors in order to enjoy touring the park", said Mr. Stephen Kigoolo of UWA during the grand opening of the new facilities in Kampala recently.

A new visitor information center also has been built on the slopes of Rwenzori Mountains to ease access to information by the tourists. A Rwenzori mountains visitor information center has been built with interpretive information about the mountain as well as a restaurant and other services. "A new lodge linked to the visitor center has also been opened to service visitors to the park and complement the existing community camps in the region", said Mr. Fred Kizza, the senior warden- in- charge, Rwenzori Mountains National Park He said the visitor information center offers information about the history and ecology of the mountains and their people.

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