Sunday, 2 September 2012

Parents in Tanzania Call for End of Nakedness on Beaches

WITH tourism developing into a big business in Zanzibar, residents near the beaches have raised concern over westerners and even Africans looking to get a bit of sunshine by resting naked on the islands' sand beaches. "Although we need visitors and tourists for our daily bread, they are ruining our children morally because of how they expose their bodies on the beach," a community leader in Nungwi village, said.

He noted that normally children rush to beaches in the afternoons to watch visitors "lying naked, some kissing and making more intimate acts in public." The community leaders called upon parents to stop their children aged between 5-15 years from going to the beaches, where tourists enjoy in the afternoons.
However, some parents in the tourist villages argue that it was difficult to control children from moving to unrestricted beaches because children do not have playing grounds. They said that children are also attracted to the beaches, because tourists befriend children by giving them sweets and some money. "We need to join hands to stop this habit to save our children," said Mr Hamad Machano, another local leader who said that only development tourism should be encouraged. "Tourists don't have to swim or lay naked in the open because that harms our youth," he said. 

Tourism accounts for roughly 80 per cent of Zanzibar foreign earnings, employs an estimated 40,000 people and is one of the pillars of its economy.

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