Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tanzania Plans on Having the Hunting Blocks

The current Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism has no kind words for lawmakers who are currently planning on reversing the allocation of hunting blocks which left the bulk of foreign firms in the cold. He said while closing up the ministry’s budget estimates about one week ago in Dodoma that there won’t any thing like shifting of these blocks like the MPs especially because their allocation was done following the laws.

Kagasheki also in response to the Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Peter Msigwa, who had earlier said in his speech that Kagasheki has no choice but to revisit the allocation of the hunting blocks which awarded local firms 85% of the stake. Msigwa had said that if Kagasheki is opposing the ideas of having the hunting blocks relocated and yet it is the very same reason why his predecessor had been sacked, then he too should resign so said Msigwa.

Msigwa during the press conference held just after Kagasheki’s budget encouraged all the local firms allocated hunting blocks that have got no potential since they lacked capital, equipment and technical know-how. The professional hunting business is not so easy because it is such an expensive venture which needs a lot of investment which many foreign firms sideline in the exercise just like in the past years according to Rev. Msigwa.
There have been several arguments regarding the hunting blocks but this is something that has got to addressed among all the responsible parties following the available laws in the country.

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