Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Man and the Wild Animals Live in Harmony in a Natural Setting

Mervyn Hugh Cowie born from Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi in 1909 to Johannesburg’s chief magistrate where he lived before shifting to Kenya and lived in a hut on a farm in a place called Kiambu situated in the north-west of Nairobi. Mervyn studied law and accountancy at Oxford University and at one time he had an experience through which he learnt that actually man and beast can live in harmony.

On one of his trips in Nairobi National Park, while by passing a lioness, he had an accident off his bike while at this lioness lay there watching him, he was seriously injured and he could not move forth with that heavy bleeding from the cut he sustained on his leg. While still there lying on the ground, lioness curiously moved closer to him where he was pinned under his bike’s metals but stopped at a few feet away from where he was lying.

He was no way of defending himself and therefore could only look at it waiting what it was to do next but to his surprise, the lioness sat down and they both looked at each other for some minutes as he prayed to God that the smell of petrol is much more powerful than the smell of his own blood otherwise it would attack him if it smelt blood. After some time, the lioness walked away.

Following this incident, Cowie said he managed to grow up at a faster rate. He was able to understand that man and beast have got to respect each so they can live in harmony, they do not have to keep killing each other.  To do this, man has got to act first by learning  how to control and get rid of his desire to kill the animals and beast also the animals should be got a secure place where they can live with protection from those who wish to harm them, they will learn to respect humans eventually.

During the last months of 1945, the government established national parks and then appointed trustees among which Cowie was appointed executive director and in December 1946, the Nairobi National Park was established and followed by the establishment of the Tsavo National Park, Aberdare and Mount Kenya Parks, Amboseli and many more like the Serengeti in Tanzania. According the reports, Cowie is said to be the brain behind the protection and conservation of Kenya’s wildlife as well as the wilderness areas and his idea is till respected till to date.

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