Thursday, 29 December 2011

30 Hotels in Rwanda to Get Star Rating

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) through the department of Tourism and Conservation, has completed its hotel classification exercise. A Hotel Star Awarding Ceremony has been organised to this effect and is slated to take place today at Kigali Serena Hotel where 30 accommodation establishments will be awarded stars.

According to RDB, the star system ceremony, the first of its kind in Rwanda, will elaborate the importance of classifying and awarding stars to the establishments. It will also indicate the importance of raising the quality of services and facilities for visitors, guiding consumers and suppliers in identifying facilities and services that meet their expectations and promoting the East African Community as a single tourist destination.

The classification exercise was conducted by a team of experts from Rwanda as well as the East African region who were trained and certified by the East African Community. Rwanda is now the second country in the East African region to classify accommodation establishments using the EAC Criteria, following Tanzania.


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