Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Travelling with children to Africa can be safe and fun

During any holidaytrip wih children,the most important thing to bear in mind is their safety. Ensure your children are aware of any possible danger but don’t upset their fun-making.
As the festival season beckons, many parents would love to wear off the year’s stress with a visit to some place for a quite time with family. However, some parents loathe travelling with children; but the following will make the event safe and full of fun: Prepare your children in advance of the trip you will be taking. Show them on a map the trip you will be taking .Even young children enjoy having a clue of where they are going. Show them travel brochures and books on the places you will be visiting.
Discuss the security clearance process with your children when travelling by any means, so they will not be frightened or surprised. It is better not to travel with toys that could be mistaken for weapons. Pack food they like in a carry- on bag. Children tend to be a little fussy and you do not wish to be embarrassed.
It helps to purchase disposable items like bibs, anti-bacterial wipes and plastic eating utensils you will need during your trip. Remember to write down the name, address and telephone number of the place you are staying on a piece of paper (and an ‘I am lost please call my parents’, or something of the sort) and make sure you child carries it in his/ her pocket/ wallet.
Tell the child that if he or she gets lost, he/she should hand the piece of paper to a woman - (a woman could be safer) for help. You can also make identity cards for the children with their names and age, along with any other information you desire written at the back.
While at your travel destination;
Learn a few essential terms in the native language of the nation or place you are visiting , especially words for ‘Hello’, ‘Food’ ‘Water’ , ‘Police post’ etc.. Not only will the natives appreciate your effort, you trip will be more enjoyable and really helps you to get around the venue easily.
Be an ambassador: Attend at least one cultural event: a football game, concert, carnival, traditional dance performance, beach volleyball etc…
Eat and drink as the locals do:  Get off the beaten tourist path: take a bus or boda boda ride out of the city and visit the countryside or remote village. Travelling this way makes you much more than a tourist, hence an ambassador.
Money matters: Some countries consider credit cards s ‘live currency’ hence the need to mention them if asked by the custom officials. This helps you avoid trouble with issues to do with money importation. It is advisable to carry change money for public pay phones, vending machines, public toilets etc... It is better to have your money changed with banks or forex bureau to avoid counterfeits.
Keep an eye on your wallet. When shopping it is better to split your money into different pocket s and always put some inside a jacket pocket or next to your skin. You will always have some money in case you are pick pocketed. Besides, it is advisable to keep your wallet in a front rouser pocket because the thighs are very sensitive, it is difficult for a pickpocket to get at without you noticing.
Directions: When visiting any foreign place, carry a post card with the name and address of your hotel, that you can show to taxi drivers or when asking directions. This is particularly important in countries like Greece, where the alphabet is different.
Bottled water: At a hotel or a restaurant, ask for bottled water. At least every hotel or restaurant has bottle mineral water these days. It saves you from trouble that would arise if the kids fall sick courtesy of taking un boiled water
Play space: Keep you kids in eyesight while they are playing especially if surrounded by water bodies and sharp objects.
Emergency Services: Seek knowledge of the location of nearby clinics or hospitals in case you little ones develop unexpected illness. Having taken note of the above, you will have a wonder full time with the kids


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