Thursday, 1 December 2011


The Tanzania Tourism Board has opened up a Kilimanjaro Mountain climb campaign which was organized by the Kara Tour situated in Moshi and has therefore encouraged all Tanzania to join and support the campaign. According to the report got in Dar es Salaam from Tanzania Tourism Board on Sunday show that the registration fee which was 500,000 has been reduced to 350,000 so that more people can afford to register. This fee is for food, transport from Moshi to Marangu plus all the necessities that the climbers may need and the guest of honor will be the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere the father of the Nation‘s son Madaraka Nyerere. On this occasion Tanzania will celebrate its 50th year as an independent country.
This climbing journey has been organized by the TTB, Kara Tours and the Tanzania National parks Authority (TANAPA). Madaraka has asked Tanzanians to go in large numbers so that they can have a warm independence celebration, he also added that the climbing will start on the 4th of December and end on the 9th of December since it will take the climbers 6 days to get to the top of the mountain.
Madaraka mentioned that he was sure the climbers will make it to the top since he himself has climbed that mountain 2 times and each time made it to the top. This event is intended to publicize Tanzania’s Tourism features to the out side world said Geoffrey Meena who is the TTB’s marketing manager and also added that there are about 100 plus foreigners but living in Tanzania that have registered to join the occasion.

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