Thursday, 1 December 2011


NIKON’s bird Adventure which is an adventure television company in the United States of America said that it will promote Tanzania in the all states of America as the best tourists destination for all those who want to enjoy their tours and to be able to do so, this company will have a video shoot in Tanzania next year showing all the wonderful futures that the country has got to offer the tourism industry so as to attract tourists. This was announced by the Tanzania Tourism Board marketing Director Mrs. Devota Mdachi while in the UK where he had gone to attend the World Travel Market exhibition that took place between the 7th and the 10th  of November 2011.
She mentioned that Nikon said it is ready to promote Tanzania in America now that it has provided the necessary support to the British’s recently organized international tourism fairs and the ETM exhibitions. She also added that she had the opportunity to meet James Currie who is the owner and host of the Nikon Bird Adventure TV and they discussed way of how to market Tanzania and it was during this discussion that he told her about their intension of having a video coverage of the Kitulo Plateau National Park to show the US people and other people so that they can know the tourists attractions in Tanzania.
Currie say Tanzania is bound to handsomely profit from their trip to Tanzania since Nikon’s Bird adventure TV provides about 30 advertising slots in its famous weekly TV show a side from the fact that is a film producer. A side from making use of the Nikon Bird Adventure TV the only bird watching show in the US, Tanzania also broadcasts on the NBC sports which the most popular sports and outdoor TV network world wide and is a base for the tour de France and the summer Olympic, therefore Tanzania’s features will be accessed by 80 million house holds in a week.
The Nikon Company had decided to market Tanzania’s tourism features after they realizing that many families in the US do not know what East African countries have got and they chose Kitulo plateaus national park because it is considered ads the God’s Garden and the Serengeti flowers park is the very first park in the tropical region of Africa to be appreciated for its variety of flowers and so far has got 350 plant species that have been written on. Said Devotha.
Among the 350 species are the 45 species of orchids, 31 species are not common in Tanzania, 26 are common in Kitulo , many are can hardly be found in any parts of the world, about 3 are at the plateau and two can be got only on the plateau or in the forest close.
The plateau is also home to some important endangered species like the blue swallow, Denham’s bustard, mountain marsh widow, Njombe cisticola, and Kipengere seedeater plus some of the world’s rarest butterflies inhabit the area along with chameleon, lizard, frogs and a few hardy reedbuck and eland.

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