Monday, 5 December 2011


All tourists who love birding will be impressed by the latest improvement made in Queen Elizabeth where a number of grey pratincole birds have been seen in the park and that means the bird lovers will be amazed to see them when they visit the park, therefore there are about 600 bird species in just one place.
In the past few years, bird watching has been included on the list of Uganda’s tourist attraction and therefore tourists from all over the world make trips to one of Africa and the world at large’s place with variety of birds with about 1000 bird species or more which include those that live permanently in the park and those which just migrate from other places to the location. According to the records, these birds originate from the Western side of Africa and were first seen in Burundi sole national park Rusizi some decades ago.
Apart form all those many birds mentioned, there are more bird species expected to be found deep within the thick tropical rain forests of maramagambo which is an impenetrable forest but has not yet been opened to tourists’ access at a reasonable scale although it can be a good sight for those who wish to do forest walks, forest hikes an d canopy walks. The Queen Elizabeth’s number of birds has tremendously increased in the past few years resulting from the different species that migrate from Congo’s rain forest and enter into Uganda and find a home within Uganda’s forests.
Always check out for the best time to visit the national parks and all the other protected areas and always be sure you know or learn the dos and don’ts for Uganda.

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