Monday, 12 December 2011


H.E Jakayi Kikwete the president of the republic of Tanzania yesterday officiated the grant ceremony of the official opening of the new national tourism college in Tanzania and the made it publically known to every one as a complete college with all the facilities that is needed in any college just after the country’s 50th independence anniversary celebration and therefore their golden jubilee from the rule of the British. This institute was constructed with the help of the French Government costing about 8 million Euros while the government Tanzanian contributed raw materials and other simple requirements which were worth almost 2 million Euros as part of the country’s contribution to the project.
The college has been set up to train students in tourism and hospitality education at degree level certificate as well as on diploma level, it comes along to work along side the Mweka Wildlife College located outside Moshi town and provide a number of tertiary and vocational education opportunities for all people who may want to create their own jobs  with in the tourism and wildlife industry to help conserve nature which is proving to be a very vital sector in the economical growth and development of Tanzania. There are now more than 300 students who have registered with this new college so far and about 1.000 students are expected to be joining this college at the beginning of this academic year that is yet to start however the intake levels are already at the anticipated capacity.
This new college comes third after the Kenya Utalii College which is the second main public tourism training institute in the whole of East Africa, this leaves Uganda to track its way to consciousness or else live to regret why they never welcomed the offer provided to them in 2003/4 to fund Hotel and Tourism Training Institute located in Jinja. France had in the first place offered to build this new college in Uganda but they turned the offer to Tanzania after Uganda seemed not to be interested in this project and also the fact that those that are already in place do not have enough land form the government for expansion something the greatly disappointed the HTTIs management and the board.   It is rather funny that one’s foolishness turns out to be another ones route to success which is why there is a good reason to celebrate the opening of the new National College of Tourism in Dar es Salaam and also wish them the best of luck.


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