Thursday, 16 February 2012


There are four new types of reptiles that have just been discovered by some Scientists and they are called the Brookesia micra and they were discovered from a small island a short distance away from the central island of Madagascar

Much as the Chameleons are good at changing color depending on the environment around it or to camouflage themselves, this small chameleon like living thing  is just as good the chameleon at that the same character.   It is just about 29mm long and can therefore fit on the head of a matchstick; this therefore means that it is averagely as big as a house fly which the usual chameleons feed on.  According to the finding so far available, this chameleon is currently among the smallest reptiles in the whole world.
However according to Ted Townsend from the San Diego State University who is the scientist that carried out the genetic studies mentioned that the size of this tiny creature indicates that the chameleons might have changed in Madagascar, developed from those tiny and not easily seen ancestors although are somewhat different the larger and more colorful chameleons which are commonly seen around the world.   Scientists suppose that the chameleons might have may have developed from Madagascar.
these chameleons can only be found in a small area on the island of just a few square kilometers in size some that leads the scientists to believe that probably they are only  able to survive under  particular environment conditions  and therefore so much responsive to home demolition.

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