Monday, 13 February 2012


Ms Lisa Simon the president of the North America’s National Tour Association (NTA) has advised on how to attract American tourists and those from other countries to boost the sector.

Ms Lisa Simon has been in Tanzania for four days training tour operators in marketing the East African countries in the US market and she said the country has to deal in culture, cuisine, wildlife adventure packages and language because Americans want real experiences. She said the country should also include faith-based tourism packages like mission groups as well as people of a shared faith who want to travel together. The tourists can discover the faith history and heritage of Tanzanians, work together with the local church community and volunteer with church and mosque projects in health centers and in schools.

According to the current study from the tourism industry, a third of the Americans are interested in taking faith-based trips so the tour operators should focus on this package. The package should not include religion only because a number of groups travel together for fellowship so even if the package does not have specific religious elements, people of this type can still have the package. She also said the country should also focus on Americans born between 1946 and 1964 because they prefer traveling in smaller groups; they are more adventurous and experienced travelers.

Ms Lisa said she will support the government to make sure it encourages what Tanzania has in America.NTA  is the leading association for businesses serving travelers to from and within US  and has around 3,000 members in 44 countries.

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