Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Norwegian Tourist Injured By a Cheetah at Harnas in Namibia

A 22-year-old Norwegian woman was scratched by a hungry cheetah on Saturday morning on the Harnas game farm and wildlife rehabilitation centre, 112 kilometres east of Gobabis in the Omaheke Region. Kristel Johanson, who was on a morning tour with eight other people, got out of the tour vehicle to help tour guide Joshua Shilongo feed the cheetahs, when one of the cheetahs scratched her on the thigh, tearing her shorts and causing a minor injury. Johanson continued the tour with other visitors to see lions, wild dogs and leopards kept on the farm. Johanson was scratched because she turned her back on a hungry cheetah. He urged all inhabitants of Namibia to learn to live in harmony with wild animals. On Farm Harnas, people live in harmony with cheetahs, lions, wild dogs, leopards, monkeys and baboons and the most dangerous carnivores like lions have learnt to live alongside human beings at Harnas.


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