Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tourism in Africa Tightens Security

The Ministry of Tourism in Uganda has today launched the Tourism Police in a bid to enhance safety and security of tourists. Peter Okoshi Simon, commandant of the new force said that for Uganda to benefit from the industry, tourists both local and international should be protected. "The Tourism Police must work with the sector to ensure that their work is well regulated," Okoshi said. He added that the Tourism police are supposed to operate throughout the country in the different tourist destinations like the game parks, game reserves, and hotels among others. "The security force should be able to prevent crimes before they happen," he said. The ministry has passed 120 police officers but will recruit more and increase the number to about 900.

Lonely planet, voted Uganda as number one tourist destination of 2012 something that puts the future of the industry in a better position. Experts say Uganda wildlife authority and the ministry of tourism and other stakeholders have to moot measures to support the sector if Uganda is to realize more benefits from the sector. Early this year, the sector was threatened by political protests-the walk-to-work which left 10 people dead including a two year old and hundreds injured as police and protestors forced ends meet. The protests scared the would be visitors who feared for the lives.

Today, the country's security can be described as stable although the activists for change (A4C), the opposition pressure group continues to hold rallies addressing issues about the economy which continues to battle high inflation pressures standing at 25.7%-the highest in the East African Region. This time around the rallies are to a greater extent peaceful as Uganda police is trying to ensure that they don't turn violent like the walk-to-work protests.


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