Friday, 3 February 2012

A Valentines Day into the Wild Safari

There will always be things that lovers have in common; they will always have something they both love doing, whether a hobby, music, work, traveling, and etc. But none could be greater than having an adventurous relationship. And if we mean adventure, it’s the African Safari.

Aside from the usual dinner and candlelight date, what else could be more exiting and soul lifting than an adventure in the wild together? The city neon lights, cars, busy people, parties can be annoying many times. How about a trip to the wild and touch the toughness of Mother Nature? The African safari is a popular destination for all. The lions, zebras, and other wild animals can be as free as grass grows. The city does not offer such leap back to simplicity. Think about booking a trip to Africa, either with your loved one; or with your children this Valentines day.

The adventure both lovers can experience in an exhilarating glimpse of the dessert grown by living plants and the experience brought by such stimulating ecosystem. An invitation to the wild is such an unforgettable experience for the season. This also serves as an intimate time together since most groups come in partners along with their safari gear. African safari destinations do not end without hospitable hotel accommodations. Some tourist might also meet animals near populated cities. Of course, photo shooting should not be missed. The children will definitely love to rename those animals when they got home or paste it on their scrap books.

Just like other tourists destinations, Africa offers a variety of wine tasting and luxurious train rides in the Western Cape. Lovers on the way will definitely feel the whole word in one country when visiting Africa because of the diversity of its culture ranging from European, African, and Asian influences gathered together.

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