Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Oman Tour Firm to Promote Tourism in East Africa

A TOUR firm from Oman - Oman Adventures - is partnering with the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) to promote Tanzania's tourist attractions in the Arab country. The firm's six-man delegation which arrived in the country on Sunday vowed to increase the number of Oman nationals visiting Tanzania.The tour company's head of delegation, Mr Majid Addullah Al Anboori, told reporters in Dar es Salaam that they were impressed by Tanzania's tourist potential, pledging to play a big role in advertising the tourist potentials back in their home country.

"This is our first time to visit Tanzania's tourist areas - we have gone to Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti National Park, Lake Victoria, Lake Nyasa, Tanganyika and Mount Kilimanjaro, all these areas look fantastic," he said.He said the delegation members will be good ambassadors in Oman, spreading all the information - pictures, videos and other publications - that they gathered during their visit to the media in Oman and mobilize more people to visit Tanzania and see for themselves all the beautiful natural resources.

TTB Director of Marketing Devota Mdachi said that her board was grateful for the visiting Oman nationals, expressing optimism that the partnership will increase the number of tourists from Oman."We are happy that Oman Tours has pledged to support us in advertising the country internationally. Our strategy is to see more tourists come to Tanzania,"

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