Thursday, 31 May 2012

East Africa to Venture into Eastern Europe Tourism Markets

East Africa’s interest to venture into most of Eastern Europe tourism markets is proving to be more fruitful that they ever expected, currently Kenya is planning to boost it tourism sector in countries like Slovakia by introducing a direct flight between Kenya and Slovakia which will hopefully be starting by July 4. Kenya tourism Minister Danson Mwazo  yesterday said that number of  agreements were drawn during hi trip to Easter Europe Slovakia to boost business and tourism activities between both countries. Kenya’s very first charter plane to Easter Europe will be flying in the first week of July and will land on 30th June or 4th of July with the 200 tourists who will be the first batch of tourists from Slovakia to Kenya.

Mlynár added that there will high levels of tourism marketing and business promotional activities between Slovakia and Kenya within the year so that there is a remarkable increase in the number of travelers between Nairobi and Slovakia thus the need to have a direct charter flight to make movement a lot easy. Slovakia is a relatively small country with about 5.5 million people but is a potential market for Kenya’s products and tourism business.

Mlynár revealed that the Slovakians love beach and wildlife attractions like majority of Europeans and Kenya has very beautiful beaches and almost the best wildlife which should only be promoted by the Kenya Tourism Board. “Slovakia is a potential market because Western Europe experiences the economic crisis, Eastern Europe is getting better. This will the first time Slovakia will get a direct flight to anywhere further south from Egypt which was originally called the popular African leisure destination for Slovakians.

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