Thursday, 31 May 2012

Poor Roads in East Africa, Poor Tourism Revenue

The Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association requested the local government and road authorities to atheist repair the roads that led to the major tourism centers as soon as possible because proper infrastructure and good sanitation are very important in the tourism industry. Mohamed Hersi the chair person, MCTA chairman said that the all roads authorities like the Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Kenya Rural Roads Authority, the municipal and county councils of the coastal towns have got to ado all they can to improve on the roads in the country more so those leading to say national parks, game reserves and other tourists attraction centers.

Hersi was addressing the Star and he mentioned that they should use this time since it is a low season therefore the roads will not be so busy and should be done immediately to avoid any kind of embarrassment when the travelers start coming in big numbers in July. He added that they should copy from the hotels; many of them have closed to carry out some renovation and are accepting just a few tourists. There are so many roads that still need to be repaired although the roads authority has already tried. It is important that the garbage, drainage systems are worked upon if the country is remain clean and look attractive to all the foreigners who may visit and this will in the long run lead to an improvement in the performance of the tourism industry which one of the major contributors to the country’s GDP.

Hersi also added that both local and international tourists should not consider the rumors that Kenya is not safe for any to stay because it is safer than it has ever been therefore all travelers can be sure they will not find any hardships during their stay in Kenya. The government should also improve on the amount of funds that it allocates to the tourism industry if it is improve on its revenue especially since Kenya world class tourist destination therefore has a lot to offer to the tourists.

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