Thursday, 31 May 2012

UWA in Collaboration with USA

Uganda Wildlife Authority together with the United States government came up with a new website called Uganda which they will use to market Uganda’s tourism attractions. The site was setup with the help of international travel writers as well as various photographers with the best intention of promoting Uganda as the leading tourist destination world wide through giving all the necessary information about the 10 national parks that Uganda has got.

There is information about conservation, communities, and wildlife, with details about tourist activities like the game drives, gorilla tracking, and wildlife monitoring among so many others. This site was launched by Uganda Prime Minister who also encouraged the Uganda Wildlife Authority to market good use of their Twitter and Face book because so many people use them and therefore is the best to use in marketing world wide.

He also added that it would be very good in UWA employed people whose main job is to get involved with the society with the help of the media and make sure there is always a live debate relating to our tourism industry so that the country can easily know what route to use if it is to stay the best tourism destination. It should not always be about the mountain gorillas, Uganda can also be like Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome if UTB put some emphasis on cultural as one important tourism attraction Mbabazi said.

The industry is also faced with the fact that the national park are being destroyed by people as they try find enough land to have their human activities. Human activities have driven animals out of the parks to the neighboring countries like Kenya and Congo and after some years, Uganda will run short of wildlife to attract tourists and therefore the industry will collapse.

The deputy US ambassador to Uganda Ms Virginia Blaser promised that USA government will continue to invest in building the capacity of government institutions, the private sector and local communities to improve on Uganda’s profile as the must visit place in Africa which is why they will keep working with the private sector to build up and publicize sustainable tourism yields that suit the demands of the different markets all around the world. Good luck in all the plans to develop the industry especially since it is Uganda’s biggest foreign exchange earner.

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