Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Uganda’s Tourist Must See Places

For the last 12 months, Uganda’s tourism industry has enjoyed global limelight. BwindiImpenetrable National Park was early last year voted Africa’s number one birding site ahead of South Africa’s renowned Kruger national park and Cape Town’s ocean shores. Then the Virunga volcanoes, shared with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, were voted number one of the 20 must-see places for 2012 in the National Geographic Traveller magazine. The magazine described the Virungas as “Africa’s Green and Fiery Heart.”

The National Geographic also voted Ishasha tree-climbing lion the best picture for 2011. Other rankings include Rwenzori mountain, which was voted 13th among the top 15 hiking places in Africa by the National Geographic Society, and then CNN named Chobe lodge’s gym the fifth best gym in the world. Nothing, however, beat Lonely Planet’s, a respected international publication, choice of Uganda as the number one destination among the top 10 countries to visit in 2012.

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