Friday, 4 May 2012

Turkish Airlines Begins flying to Kigali on 16th May

This is something that Rwanda has always wanted, to see Turkish airlines including Rwanda among its travel destinations. This will become a reality on the 16th of May as it will be the first day that Rwanda will receive a flight from Turkish airline following the route via Istanbul/Turkey and will be flying to Kigali three times in a week.
This is an improvement in terms of transport especially for the travelers who would love to visit Rwanda but have been facing a challenge with the transport means which is why all the tour operators and stakeholders have greatly appreciated the introduction of these flights since they have for along time now been asking lobbying for an increase in the number of flights to Rwanda so that the number of tourists can also increase and increase in the amount of revenue collected.  There is a lot in Rwanda that the tourists would be interested in visits like the culture and the wildlife if they had the opportunity to and increasing the number of flights definitely provides more opportunities to such travelers.
Meanwhile, there were a number of travelers who visited Rwanda in the past few week to look out for the different opportunities that Rwanda has got for trade and investments something that is very important for the economic growth of Rwanda although the tourism industry is likely to gain more since most travelers are interested in visiting the Land of a Thousand Hills.

At the moment, Kigali’s flights are from Rwanda Air, the country’s national airline, Air Uganda from Entebbe, Kenya Airways from Nairobi, Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa, South African Airways from Johannesburg in conjunction with Bujumbura, Qatar Airways from Doha, Brussels Airlines and KLM, It now has an addition of Turkish airline.

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