Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rwanda’s Kwita Izina is around the corner.

The Rwanda’s 8th edition of Kwita Izina festival is approaching and it will be held on the 16th of June. During this festival they do the newly born mountain gorillas and there are a large number of Conservationists from all parts of Eastern Africa as well as the whole world who are heading to Musanze/ Ruhengeri where they will be gathering on Saturday 16th of June to celebrate Rwandese exceptional conservation festival and they will have to name all the gorillas which have been born within the last 12 months.

Kwita Izina is held every year and it is a perfect occasion to formally give the 5% share that is supposed to go to all the communities which are close to the national parks as compensation for all the damages that the animals cause and might cause to the people and their properties within the year. This money comes from the sale of tracking permits which have been at 500 US Dollars per person per trip but will be increasing to $750 per person per trip. There will be community gathering on the 15th June and the function will be officially opened by the RDB and local administration staff of water projects. Extra class rooms as well as more material benefits will be provide for the good of the local people provided by RDB Tourism. This is an indicator that conserving and protecting these gorillas is beneficial to both the conservationists and the people living around as well thus the reason they need to get involved.
Ever since Rwanda received Qatar Airways, South African Airways and Turkish Airlines, it has not been the same as before their arrival in 2011. They have greatly influenced the growth of the Rwanda air and the expansion of their Tourism industry by the increase in the number of tourists who visit Rwanda using those airlines and therefore making the Land of a Thousand Hills famous around the world since travelers can fly in any time of the year. You can always check out the volcanic mountains after gorilla tracking in the national park.


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