Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kenyan Tourists Assured Country Remains Safe

Kenya Tourist Board Managing director says visitors who are intending to visit Kenya are simply anxious to know the exact cause of the blast and the security situation in the country.
Speaking during a tourism stakeholder forum in Nairobi, the director believes that tourism may not necessarily be affected by the attack if the situation is handled well, adding that the sector has already gone through tougher situations in the past.
"We are getting a lot of calls from the source markets, and already as we speak, we have reassured the market that all is well. Whenever there is a vacuum of information, people start speculating, and we do not want that. So as information unfolds we keep informing them what is exactly happening and the counter measures we are putting in place to ensure that Kenya is a safe destination.
He has however criticized the Kenyan media for blowing things out of control on Monday and whenever there are similar incidences before full investigations, adding that this has caused unnecessary panic to the outsiders. "If you look at other destinations like New York City, how many murders happen every single minute? When you look at Europe, there are so many crises especially when it comes to markets that I would not mention, where we have some terrorist attacks.”

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