Wednesday, 18 July 2012

83 Community Rangers Trained

There are about 83 community members who have been identified and will be trained as wildlife rangers and will last for three-month at the Kenya Wildlife Service law enforcement academy which is situated in Manyani and Jacob Mwanjala who is an administrator at  the academy, mentioned that this training intended to help focus on promoting wildlife conservancy in the country.

During his speech yesterday in Manyani, Mwanjala said the training is important for sustainable wildlife conservation and it is every important that there is Community cooperation so that there is successful conservation activities because most of land is used in improper ways  which are not terms with the wildlife conservation measures,” he said. He called on the communities living adjacent the parks to support conservation.

Mwanjala added that the training is aimed at building capacity to the whole public in an effort to improve wildlife conservation more so because 70% of the wildlife stays in the in community lands thus the reason why it is necessary to involve communities in conservation so said Mwanjala. He also noted the fact that the wildlife that stays out of the protected areas encounters various problems that are arising from the increasing population.

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