Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Pangolins are Under Threat From Poachers

The pangolin are some beautiful animals which have been among the most common mammals in Africa most especially in Uganda up to until just  a few years ago when they have started killing them in big numbers within a short time. These are like small squirrel-size mammals and they stay in hollow trees or dig up tunnels underground of about 3.5 meters. They are usually in the garden as they hunt down for insects to feed on.
They have got big scales which are as hard as ivory or rhino horn known in Luganda as Olugave and since they are not dangerous animals to either human life or to crops, most people would ignore them except some Baganda who regard the little animals as totems, such people respect it. According to the wildlife enthusiasts, pangolins are said to be very great animals as they have got rare character that makes them tend toward shyness when they come across people. They will always run away and in some cultures, pangolins are hunted for meat and are said to be very sweet.
In 2010, these animals were listed as part of the Zoological Society of London but they are currently highly hunted by the poachers for their scales can be used as jewellery, ornaments, traditional medicines and hand-held weapons. Meanwhile in Uganda, other than hunters who want them for their bush meat and people who consider them as totems but so many people do not have much information about these animals.

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