Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Masai Mara Game Reserve Ought To Assist The People Around It

The Narok aspirant county governor encouraged the administration staff of all lodges and hotels that is situated at the Masai Mara Game Reserve to support the farmers who are living and growing their crops in areas around the park by buying those food stuffs from them rather than traveling to them market buy food that they would have bought from the farmers so that they get the money  more in the high season when there are so many travelers who use the hotels, the local people can also successfully  look after their families.

According to Daniel ole Kiptunen the CEO of seasons hotel, this one way of giving the people around the park an opportunity to venture into the different businesses with the lodges and the hotels and it is also one way of improving on their standards of living for their good and for the good of the nation.  He said so yesterday while addressing people in the business forum in Kilgoris town and he added that he to discuss with the managements of the lodges to see up to it that they agree with them to always help out the local people buying their crops from them.  This is necessary because this region produces a lot of foods as it has got very rich soils and so the local people have got the potential to supply the lodges with all the food through the year once they are given the tender rather than getting it from Kenya,Nairobi.

In so doing this, the hotels and lodges would save a lot of money compared to the amount that they pay the suppliers from Nairobi. It is less costly to work with the locals than a group of suppliers out side Narok he added.

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