Tuesday, 3 July 2012

KWS Has Got Address Problem of Fierce Creatures Immediately

Currently, there is a problem of the lions which are wondering around the different areas pout side the parks where they are supposed to be so that they  do not cause any harm to human life of the their domestic animals. These lions are from the Nairobi National Park and they are killing lots of people’s animals in the Kitengela and not so long ago 6 of them were killed by angry community members after they attacked ands killed their animals and they felt like the Kenya Wildlife Service were not being responsible enough for these lions yet, the people were losing their live stock from which they earn some income that they use to run their families.

It is very true that the KWS has been working hard and keeping these wild animals in the jungle where they belong but now that the numbers are increasing, perhaps it is becoming so hard for them to keep them there and also because of the fast growing city, it is becoming a lot harder for the people and animals to live together in harmony although Nairobi is still boasting about being the only major city in the world with a national park within.

Now KWS has had to transfer these lions some where else but this is no good news, especially to staff that have spent years training on how to deal with dangerous animal. However the problem is probably because KWS has not trained its staff well enough on how to handle a number of savage beasts which the common man around id afraid of. KWS has got deal with several creatures and keep them in their natural habitants away from people and the include the Kenyan parliamentarian or the Kulayoteus Mpakaiisheus as it is called scientifically, camera wielding blackmailing lasses, these are very rare but not friendly at all. It is very important for KWS to protect and preserve these animals but not at the expense of human life and their properties.

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