Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rwanda Parliament goes for bird protection

The government of Rwanda officially passed the bird protection bills last week and this is proof that actually Rwanda’s politics and conversation very much entwined. The bill authorizes the government to correct the necessary global agreement to protect migratory bird species in the country in an effort to increase on the number of birds that they have as there are so many travelers who are interested in watching different birds.

According the sources, the country’s second chamber which is the Senate added extra references as the Ramsar Convention and the International Convention on Biodiversity and Habitats during the debate so as to make this new law more comprehensive and not leave out vital components that are needed for environmental protection.

This new law will cover over 255 species most of which are migratory birds which find a home in the different wetlands and majority of them come from European countries, while others come from Asia to Africa. Rwanda has continuously protected and will continue to protect it wetlands unlike the rest of the East African countries which are constantly destroying them to set up estates and establish farms. Because of their effort to protect their habitants, Rwanda has tremendously grown in terms of bird watching tourism and is now along side taking advantage of finding birds in the national parks, it has already started on setting up birding trails outside the parks and along the shores of Lake Kivu along the Congo Nile Trail so that bird watching can become as popular a gorilla tracking is. It can be achieved successfully with cooperation of the government and all the people who live around the reserved and other forested areas with variety of bird species.

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