Monday, 23 July 2012

Elephant Poaching Still Rampant in Kenya

The Kenya wildlife service has encountered another lose after they lost two elephants this week. These were Ezra and Bronow sky and they were both mature bulls which were very much loved by researchers but unfortunately were speared to death by the poachers cutting their life short.  For most of the week Kenya’s Amboseli ecosystem which includes the national park has been under cordon, not from poachers but from a group of angry Maasai warriors.

Reports from the Big Life Foundation’s website reveal that the Maasai have accepted to stop spearing but on condition that Julius Kipng’etich who is the director of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) meets with them on August 6 this year 2012. This Amboseli’s human-wildlife conflict is not something news, it is a controversy that is motivated by money and politics, the last incident started one week ago after a Maasai boy was killed by a buffalo. And because there was misinformation of what had happened, a group of warriors went on killing elephants, lions or buffaloes that the found wondering around the Masai Mara game reserve.
This is was also as a result of the fact that the KWS director failed to honor their meeting that they had scheduled with Maasai to discuss the rising situation, chaos arose resulting into  the elephant deaths. When senseless killings occur in Kenya, or Colorado or anywhere else, then perhaps it’s time to pause and reflect what is happening to this world we inhabit. But all this has got to stop immediately.

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