Wednesday, 18 July 2012

USA to Develop Uganda’s Tourism Sector

Though the Uganda government allocated low finances to Tourism during the 2012-2013 budget, USA has donated $20 million to the sector an amount almost equal to what the government gave the sector.

During the opening of the Batwa Trail in Mgahinga National Park, the Mission Director of USAID, John Mark Winfield said USA has been very happy with the outcome of the first funds they donated to the sector. The amount had to increase the earnings of the people staying near the national parks so that they could realize the efforts of conservation.

The projects funded include improvement of the Batwa Trail an activity that started last year.$3,100 had to be reduced from 8km to 6km.the trail provides income to the Batwa people who have depended on the park for survival for a long time.
Winfield said they are willing to work together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Ministry of Tourism to help in maintaining the natural beauty of the country during the development of the tourism industry.

The new attraction will add $12,500 every year to the tourism revenue and the 50% will be given to almost the 200 members of the Batwa community. The Americans are still interested in donating to ecotourism, working with the local communities and local government to develop the country’s image as a leading tourist destination. The other funds that will be donated will be for National Parks in the Albertine Rift like Semliki and Murchison Falls.

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