Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Kenya Tourism Fraternity Assures Tourists Of Tight Security

Kenya’s tourism sector guarantees security to all tourists who will be visiting Kenya in the next months. They say they are working together with government security bodies of Kenya to make sure that they maintain the highest degree of peace and security to all tourists while in the country therefore they should not feel threaten by the terror attacks that Kenya has been getting from the Al shabab terrorists more so in Mombasa.
This has come up following a travel advisory that the United States Embassy passed to its people on Saturday where it asked its staff to vacate Mombasa immediately and also asked all its nationals to make sure they stay away from the coastal region for their own safety as there are citing intelligence reports of a pending terror attack.
Lucy Karume the Chairperson of the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF)  said that it is very good that these countries are looking out for their citizens but they should also remember that what is happening to Kenya is not their own  cause and would also wish to see it end immediately as the citizens are being affected in so many ways. He said this is a global war fight has got to e addressed with the help of all countries rather than declaring Kenya insecure as if it is their own making.  It is very important for the whole nation to see Somalia peaceful and practical use of intelligence information by any country will prevent the on going killing of innocent people and deal a blow to the terrorist elements so she added.
She said that they had increased security in all tourist facilities and all areas where they are tourists’ activities like the national parks and game reserves in the country to protect the tourists as they have so far been lucky that no single tourists ahs been killed in any of the attacks something they would not wish to happen at any one time and there has not been any attack on any of the tourists attraction centers.   The tourism sector therefore assures all the travelers to Kenya that they will be protected; they should keep flying in to Kenya and enjoy their safaris.   The KTF Safety and Communication Centre will always be 24 hours in a day for any one who may have any question about safety in Kenya and will also keep updating the industry should there be any issues they may arise.

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