Monday, 21 November 2011


Mauritius prepares to treat its tourists who will be coming into the country this month in a special way. The tourists who will be visiting Mauritius will be received with the huge Dawali fireworks as they celebrate their popular Indian Holiday on the Island.
There will be lots of entertainment which will include performances from different groups of people and shows which will all be done by the local people on that day. All tourists are free to joint the celebration since  there are also a number of hotels and resorts which have organized some thing special for their guests during the event. This is intended to publicize Mauritius’ cultural back ground through performance so that the tourists can get the opportunity to learn more about the country.
There are persons behind the preparation of this event who include the minister of tourism and leisure as well as the minister of Arts and culture in the country who have seen this as the perfect opportunity to market the country’s rich culture and its history.  It is therefore advisable that who ever is on holiday on the Island, should keep his or her eyes to the sky on the 23rd watching out for the fabulous fireworks. Wish all of you the best evening.

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