Wednesday, 23 November 2011


A Number of people from the tweet society in Kenya have happened to join the hashtag line Tembea kenya and according to the findings about their safari across Kenya from the Magical Kenya as well as the Kenya wild life services was the Kenya museum society getting ready for its exhibition celebration which will last for along period of time at the end of November.
There are lots of details provided for the readers though much of it can be got from the info. There will be classes well arranged in some interesting order, debates and presentations so that later can have a safari to Karura forest which was rescued by Prof.Wangari Mathaai after her civil campaign that landed her into serious problems with the official to an extent that she was beaten and sent to a prison cell for some time by an exceedingly enthusiastic police force. Fortunately enough, because of her heroic deed, she became a cabinet minister after being internationally recognized as a woman with a noble character.
Every one is very well come to participate in all the programs prepared however, you have got to pay a sum of 6000 Kenya shillings which is about 60 dollars. You will have the opportunity to meet the famous elephant lady Rhoda Mann, other powerful speakers like Cynthia Mass, Dr. Wanja Nyingi and Kuki Gallman. More to this will be the cultural performances, documentaries and much more to learn and enjoying.

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