Wednesday, 23 November 2011


The United Nations world tourism organization agreed to the help Tanzania to improve on its tourists attractions in the country so that every one including those operating small business within the tourism sector can profit from it hence leading to development. This was mentioned by Ezekiel Maige Tanzania’s minister of natural resources and tourism while on his trip in Seoul, South Korea as the leader of the all the Tanzanian UNWTO committee members in the 19th general assembly that has just been concluded.  He had an opportunity to meet with the UNWTO executive director as well as the senior officials and they talked about a number of issues concerning his domestic tourism industry and discussed ways through which UNWTO can help it over come all the obstacles hindering its development so he said. He also mentioned that when they asked them which specific area does Tanzania need their help so that they can start to provided the necessary aid right away, the ministry begun organizing some project appraisals to hand them to UNWTO to go through.
He expressed his gratitude to the body for their help and their interest to develop the beaches and the cultural sites plus the leisure and hospitality industry. At this point in time, the government o Tanzania is trying to get funds to develop all the historical sites in the areas of Lindi at Kilwa like the hotels and beaches, and also see up to it that his ministry works hand in hand with the WTO to protect wildlife and the parks available. He also continued to say that now that Tanzania is a member of the executive council, there will be more opportunities to discuss with all the colleagues about tits experiences.
While explaining the tourism matters in the lay man’s language, he said that there has been lack of proper management of the countries natural resources like the wildlife which are very important aspects in the tourism but yet have been destroyed by illegal hunting and the bad weather, another challenge is with the resources allocated fro the development of the industry which is too little to finance the development of other tourists attractions like the historical and cultural sites so that the tourism industry does not depend on wild life alone. The above mentioned are the major challenges the industry is facing. In relation to this, the STEP foundation as well as ambassador Dho Young-Shim have joined Tanzania to see that they develop its historical and cultural sites so that the community can also benefit from the tourism sector which is not the case when it is based on the wild life since the community has no attachment to the national parks and are far away from them.
Tanzania and will always be a re very secure place for tourists who wish to visit it so many attractive place like the Kilimanjaro regions, the islands of Zanzibar and Serengeti  areas that have developed as a result of tourism and therefore contributing  high revenues to the industry and the nation at large.

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