Wednesday, 16 November 2011


To enhance its crumbled security, Kenya is employing a powerful security plan that will work tirelessly on the country’s tattered tourism sector. This is in a bid to regain its glory after the two kidnapping incidences in Lamu. The first measurer taken is the closure of the Kenya-Somali border.
Najib Balala the Tourism minister announced that Kenya is a safe destination and that the kidnappings were accidental. He commented that security in the region had been well established. He continued that the Government had prepared a tour to the region for diplomats in the country so as to show that the region was secure and Government had renewed its security efforts. Sadly he explained that a substantial number of tourists who had made bookings earlier had already cancelled. Mr Najib pointed out that Hotels in the region have already received cancellations but with the new security plans in place, we are optimistic arrivals will begin soon
Judith Tebbutt A British tourist was kidnapped September and her husband tortured to death even last weekend, Marie Dedieu was fell victim of the merciless kidnappers. All these took place in Lamu. At the moment, this area is very unsafe to visit. Even if it is a renowned tourist destination and one of the key beach attractions in Kenya, it is not safe at the moment.


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