Wednesday, 23 November 2011


There is a high demand for Ivory and this has increased the rate of poaching the national parks, this is evident with the five Chinese have been arrested at Entebbe airport within a period of just a year and within the same period, about 10 elephants or more have been killed by suspected poachers around Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda.
The fact that Uganda was previously losing only three elephants to poaching annually, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is concerned about the new wave of elephant poaching, writes Gerald Tenywa
Some months ago, Henry Musisi from Kawempe is a 6 year old kid who paced away saying: “Go away,” before he disappeared into a group of school children, but his new friend, Charles Hamukungu, a baby elephant at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre kept on directing his trunk at him. It was a hide-and-seek game that evoked a lot of laughter from Musisi. But Musisi was saddened when he learnt that underneath this innocent, charming crowd puller at the wild side of Entebbe laid a tale of anguish.
A few months ago, a fisherman found this very young elephant with it umbilical cord still on the shores of the lake trying to fight for his life in Hamukungu village in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It was all alone very close to drowning something that the fisherman found a bit strange that its mother would abandon her sweet bundle of joy. But later it was found out that its mother had been shot dead after the carcass was found floating on Lake George with bullet wounds.
This comes hot on the heels of other elephants that had been gunned down along River Ishasha along the Uganda-DR Congo border in April. Earlier on, there were two more elephants that were poisoned using water melon and pineapples laced with acid in the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park and report show that within the last few months, eight carcasses of elephants were discovered in the nearby Kasyoha-Kitomi forest reserve in Bushenyi. Their tusks had been removed and taken for sell.

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